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    Indigenous Indigenous Peoples and
    {} Yaqui Flag
    Welcome to our wiki! We have information about tribes that live on the border and history about the border. We hope you find whatever you are looking for. We have amazing pictures. We want people to know how hard it is to live on the border. The tribes that live on the border need to deal with border patrols and with people like drug traffickers and sometimes innocent immigrants dying on their land. They can't see their family on the other side of the border, they may lack resources like water for fishing and irrigation, and some tribes are having their land seized by the US government to build a border wall.
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  1. page kickapoo now edited ... when Texas …
    when Texas a republic, theythe Texans didn't want
    and so theythe Kickapoo had to
    northern border.

    {} A sports team from the Kickapoo tribe of Kansas
    the Kickapoo's
    up being separatedseparated, with some
    a problem because.because, just like the Yaqui, the Kickapoo do not have as many resources and as much political power as they would if they were a united tribe.
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    One group of Pima are called the Tohono O'odam. They live in Northwest Mexico and in the state of Arizona, specifically in the Sonoran desert. There are around 20,000 in total and they speak O'odham, English, and Spanish. They follow Christianity and their traditional religion.
    The{} Representatives from the Tohono O'odam Nation (and the Pascua Yaqui Tribe)
    Tohono O'odam
    are innocent immigrantimmigrants who just
    the wildlife, vegetation,andvegetation, and water quality
    the desert.
    {} Old rusty car in the desert

    Because of all of this, they don't want people crossing on their land. They don't put out food and water, and they don't let other people help the immigrants either. Because they don't have water, many immigrants crossing the Tohono O'odam land die. In fact, more people die on the reservation each year than in any other place in Arizona. This situation is bad for the Tohono O'odam, the environment, and the immigrants.
    Tohono O'odam chairman Ned Norris Jr. said, "We didn't ask for this situation. The fact that the US government increased security to the east and the west of the nation... really created a funnel effect of illegal migrant activity and drug activity on tribal land."
    right now: :).
    http:/// reports/Tohono.shtm invasion_pictures/invasion_ tohono.html
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    {CocopahTerritory.gif} Original Cocopah Territory
    in Arizona. theThe Cocopah's land
    The Cocopah's name for themselves is "Xawitt Kwñchawaay" which means "those who live on the river." Sadly the US and Mexico are taking all the water away from the Colorado River before it gets to the Cocopah. Before the river even gets to Mexico, the US has already used 90% of the water for cities and farms. After the water flows into Mexico, it gets dispersed across nearly 500,000 acres of the Mexican desert to irrigate farms. The Cocopah who live on the river don't get any water. It is a problem because there aren't many fish anymore.
    {220px-Yuma_County_Incorporated_and_Unincorporated_areas_Cocopah_Tribe_highlighted.png} Current Cocopah Reservations in the United States
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    I'mWe're going to
    Mexico. However, theythe Yaqui in Mexico don't have
    much money in Mexico as they havethe Yaqui in the
    the U.S.A. TheNot as many of the Yaqui tribe in the US doesn't usuallyU.S. speak the
    sweat lodge.
    {} Yaqui people now

    The Yaqui
    Yaqui in Mexico, but itMexico. It would be easier to help them if theythe Yaqui in Mexico could travel
    they can't.

    The Yaqui in the United States are also negatively affected by the border because they want to be a big group so that they have more resources and land, more political power, and they can practice their traditions more. However, they can't because the border is dividing them from their own people.
    ReadIf you want to learn more, read an Interview with a Personperson from the
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    TheClick on the links below to learn about the Native American tribes that live on the US Mexico border now. We will tell you about how the border affects their lives and give you some links if you want to learn more:
    Yaqui Now
    Apache Now (done)

    Yuma Now (done)
    The Pima Now
    The Kickapoo Now
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    {} A KickapooHi,
    we are
    Kickapoo now pagepage.
    {Bear_for_kickapoo_legend.jpg} a bear {} an actual kickapooA Bear
    We're going to tell you a Kickapoo legend. It's about a god named Wisaka and a buzzard. Wisaka asked the buzzard if he could take him to see the very top of the sky. After that, the buzzard took him to see it. Then he played a trick on Wisaka. He dropped him off his back and Wisaka started falling. It took 10 days for him to fall to the ground. That's a lot of days! Because he was a god, he turned into a feather using magic and got stuck in a hollow tree. No matter what he did, he couldn't get himself loose. Then a Kickapoo women passed by for firewood and Wisaka screamed, "Help me!!" The woman said, "Who said that?"
    "It was me, a big fat bear," Wisaka lied.
    We"We should get
    the other woman,"Maybewoman, "Maybe it's a
    So the men came out with their axes and cut the tree open. Wisaka jumped out and laughed at everybody because he fooled them into thinking he was a bear. However, he made a real bear come out of the tree using magic again and killed it. The Kickapoo ate the bear. Wisaka did not stay to eat. He said, "I'm going to get revenge on Buzzard!"
    And he did, but that's another story!
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    {} Pima people
    Let us tell you about one Pima legend. It's about a time when it rained for days and soon the rivers overflowed their banks. People went to higher ground, but not even the tallest mountain was high enough for the flood. There was a woodpecker that flew up to the sky and hung there by his bill. The flood went up to the sky, and the woodpecker's tail was underwater. He started crying. There was also a sparrow. He told the woodpecker, "Stop crying! Your tears are making matters worse." The woodpecker stopped crying and the flood went down.
    The Flood
    We're to tell
    {} Seven stars
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