Yuma People
Hi, we are going to tell you how the Yuma tribe lived a long time ago. Their original name was the Quechan. They lived on the Colorado River in Arizona, California, and Mexico. They ate fish, corn, beans, pumpkins, and rabbits. They had an abundance of food. That's why they had a lot of ceremonies with large feasts. They lived there for thousands of years! The Yuma had a lot of land before the border was created. The Mexican government and the U.S. government did not care about the Yuma. If you want to learn more about the Yuma, visit this link to find out about how the Yuma live now and are affected by the border: the Yuma now.

This is a Yuma legend. A long time ago, dogs talked. In fact, they talked too much. Whenever dogs heard a secret, they yelled it out loud. No matter what they heard or saw, they told everyone about it. The people were sick of it so they prayed to the spirits, "Please silence the dogs." The next day, an old man kicked a dog and said, "Go tell, dog," but the dog just looked at him. He told him a secret and said, "Go tell, dog," but the dog just barked twice. The old man said, "What a relief!" The Yuma people thanked the spirits for silencing the dogs.