We're going to tell you about the Yaqui or Yoeme tribe. The Yaqui tribe have small reservations in the United States (in Arizona) and bigger reservations in Mexico. However, the Yaqui in Mexico don't have as much money as the Yaqui in the United States. The Yaqui tribe in Mexico doesn't have as many resources as they have in the U.S.A. Not as many of the Yaqui in the U.S. speak the Yaqui language. More of the Yaquis in Mexico speak their language often. They are Catholic but they still keep their traditions, like the deer dance and the sweat lodge.

Yaqui people now
Yaqui people now

The Yaqui would have a better life if they could travel back and forth between Mexico and the United States, but because the border is in between, they can't cross. The Yaqui in Mexico want a better life because the government in Mexico takes away their rights, like fishing and water rights. Also, the government takes their land away. It is hard for them to afford a passport to cross the border and go to the United States. The Yaqui in the United States want to help the Yaqui in Mexico. It would be easier to help them if the Yaqui in Mexico could travel back and forth, but they can't.

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The Yaqui in the United States are also negatively affected by the border because they want to be a big group so that they have more resources and land, more political power, and they can practice their traditions more. However, they can't because the border is dividing them from their own people.

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