A Kickapoo
A Kickapoo
Hi, we are going to tell you about the Kickapoo.The Kickapoo are a tribe that lived on the land near the US/Mexico border. We're going to tell you how they were before the border was created. The Kickapoo used to have more land than they do now. They were called the Kiwigapawa. They ate buffalo, squash, beans, and corn. They used to live in Indiana, Kansas, Caohuilla, and Texas. They lived there for thousands for years, but they had to move because their land was taken from them by the United States government. They used drums for there ceremonies. If you want to know more about the Kickapoo, visit the Kickapoo now page.

A Bear

We're going to tell you a Kickapoo legend. It's about a god named Wisaka and a buzzard. Wisaka asked the buzzard if he could take him to see the very top of the sky. After that, the buzzard took him to see it. Then he played a trick on Wisaka. He dropped him off his back and Wisaka started falling. It took 10 days for him to fall to the ground. That's a lot of days! Because he was a god, he turned into a feather using magic and got stuck in a hollow tree. No matter what he did, he couldn't get himself loose. Then a Kickapoo women passed by for firewood and Wisaka screamed, "Help me!!" The woman said, "Who said that?"


"It was me, a big fat bear," Wisaka lied.

"We should get the men; they will break the tree open and eat the bear," said one woman. "No," said the other woman, "Maybe it's a trick." So she went closer to the tree and looked at it carefully. Wisaka quickly stuck some of his fur through the hole in the tree, and the woman touched it. "Oh, it's furry. Let's go get the men."

So the men came out with their axes and cut the tree open. Wisaka jumped out and laughed at everybody because he fooled them into thinking he was a bear. However, he made a real bear come out of the tree using magic again and killed it. The Kickapoo ate the bear. Wisaka did not stay to eat. He said, "I'm going to get revenge on Buzzard!"

And he did, but that's another story!