Lipan Apache Sign

Hi! We're going to tell you about the Apache and how they are affected by the border
now. The Lipan is a small tribe of Apache who live in the South West of the US, in
Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. They are having a problem right now because the
United States government is seizing their land to build a border wall. (They are building
a wall because they don't want Mexicans to cross the border without permission or
documents. However, it is very difficult for Mexicans to get papers. Don't you think
that is racist?)

In 2008, Eloisa Tamez, a Lipan Apache, told the government to stop trying to take their
family's land, land they have owned for hundreds of years. She said, "Our lands are not
for sale. The U.S. government must stop its illegal attempts to intimidate us. The
Department of Homeland Security cannot take away our homes and neighborhoods for
border militarization." She is working with other people to try to stop the government.
They wrote a letter to President Barack Obama. The wall will hurt their community, their land, their burial sites, their archaeological resources, the plants and wildlife that live there, and the tribe's traditional herding lifestyle.

In 2010, the problem continued. The government continued to threaten to seize Apache
land while leaving the wealthy white Texas farmers alone. Margo Tamez and Eloisa
Tamez continue to fight to stop the creation of the wall along their land. Barack Obama
still has not done anything to solve this problem.

Lipan Apache Territory

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