Indigenous Peoples and the US Mexico Border

Yaqui Flag
Yaqui Flag

Welcome to our wiki! We have information about tribes that live on the border and history about the border. We hope you find whatever you are looking for. We have amazing pictures. We want people to know how hard it is to live on the border. The tribes that live on the border need to deal with border patrols and with people like drug traffickers and sometimes innocent immigrants dying on their land. They can't see their family on the other side of the border, they may lack resources like water for fishing and irrigation, and some tribes are having their land seized by the US government to build a border wall.

We have some information about tribes like the Yaqui, Yuma, Apache, Pima, and Kickapoo. There is a page about how they used to live long ago and a page about how they live now and how the border affects them.

We hope you enjoy our website. We will make you think differently about the border and the government's policy towards the tribes that live there.

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What is the border?

How did the border come to be?

Who were the tribes that lived on the border long ago?

How does the border affect the tribes that live their now?